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zac linton

Zac is the oldest of four in his family. He was taught the Word from a young age. His grandfather on his mother’s side was a missionary to Japan all his life and used to preach the gospel in villages after going town to town with a bullhorn. On his Dad’s side, it was no BS and hard work.

Zac witnessed many salvations and supernatural miracles at youth camps as a teenager: people with asthma cured, depression broken, young people weeping at the altars, speaking in new tongues, and miraculous healings. All of these experiences had a profound impact and marked him for life. Never would he doubt the reality or power of God. Despite all of this Zac’s home life was troubled as a teenager and included pain, rebellion, substance abuse and spiritual backsliding. At age twenty one after being in a car accident, he fully surrendered to Christ. Since God spared his life, the only right response was to give it back.

Since then, he’s gone through Bethel’s School of Supernatural Ministry in Redding (’06-’07). He then went on to serve at Promised Land Fellowship in San Francisco as the outreach pastor for five years. In 2013 after receiving a vision from the Lord, he moved back to Berkeley to found Overflow Ministries and begin preaching the gospel on campus.

In addition to campus ministry, he has traveled to India, Nicaragua, Kenya, Uganda, Taiwan, the United Kingdom and cities around the U.S. preaching the gospel, holding crusades, training, and leading missions teams.

He is a graduate of UC Berkeley and presently resides in the San Francisco Bay area. He is devoted full time to reaching the nations for Christ and executing the vision of this ministry.

Zac is incredibly grateful to have come from such a loving and tight knit family. His brother Nik and two sisters Danielle and Abby continue to remain an important part of his life as do his parents.

He enjoys snowboarding, chess, video games, frisbee, traveling, coffee, and Cherry Garcia ice cream.

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