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2023 mission


I received a phone call from a pastor in Lahore, Pakistan. John and Rachel are the co pastors and founders of a church and a television network in the country that is reaching people throughout the 10/40 window with the gospel. John invited me to come to preach the gospel in their nation next year via crusades and to minister to hundreds of pastors and leaders.

A friend of mine Eric Smith has been to the nation numerous times in the past year. In his own words, "I believe Pakistan is the greatest ministry opportunity of my lifetime." Eric has shared that 100,000s are coming to Christ right now. He has been to the nation working with ministries four times in the past year!

The door is open now and the harvest is ready. Will you partner with me in this big faith stretch to reach 10,000s who don't know Christ in this nation? We are planning to be there this May. Every dollar enables us to reach roughly one person with the gospel. Thank you for partnering with me in this historic opportunity for Pakistan.

support the mission

The impact of this mission will mean souls saved, lives healed, and the local church built up. We work in partnership with pastors in each region so that all new believers have a home.

Our budget for this mission is: $75,000 USD. We will hold a crusade where an expected 50,000+ people will hear the gospel in addition to ministry to churches and leaders throughout the mission.

We also need intercessors.

Join the unseen army of intercessors for this ministry and mission. Send us a message for more information.


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