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2021 mission

nicaragua & honduras

Central America is home to millions of people who need Jesus Christ. These nations are plagued with poverty, violence, oppression, and hopelessness. In 2013, Zac Linton went for his maiden voyage to Nicaragua and fell in love with its people. As he traveled to schools, churches, remote villages and bustling cities, many were saved and healed by the power of the gospel. Returning in 2016, Zac saw God work mighty miracles. Thousands heard the gospel with a number giving their lives to Christ. A man rose from a wheel chair, a blind man saw and even an entire sick ward was emptied at a local hospital!

It’s time to do it again!

The first half of the mission will take place in Nicaragua from Aug. 3rd - 18th and then Honduras from the 19th - 31st. In Nicaragua, Zac and his team will join local ministries to reach out to the regions of Managua, Boaco, Esteli, Somoto and Ocotal. Then, Zac travels to Honduras joined by fellow evangelist Andrew Mutana for two more weeks of ministry. It will be a full, glorious month. The theme of this mission is: ON THIS ROCK and comes from Jesus telling Peter that he would build his church and the gates of Hell would not prevail against it. (Matt. 16:18).

support the mission

The impact of this mission will mean souls saved, lives healed, and the local church built up. We work in partnership with pastors in each region so that all new believers have a home.

Our budget for this mission is: $20,000 USD. This covers all travel, lodging, food, labor, advertizing, and venue expenses for this mission for both nations. Please join us by making a donation whether it's $50, $100, or $1,000. Your generosity will be multiplied and change lives in these nations.

We also need intercessors. If you would like to pray for us before and during the mission, we would be very grateful.

You can follow on social media. We will post updates before, during and after the mission to share the progress and testimonies of lives changed.

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